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Metrology is the scientific study of measurement, but it is no modern invention. The first record of a permanent standard was the royal Egyptian cubit in 2900 BC. Throughout history many localized units of measure were developed, from ancient Greece and Rome, to Dark Age kingdoms. Many of these early units had little compatibility with other systems. With the political motivation of the French Revolution in 1791, the meter was defined, leading to the creation of the metric system. This began the trend of modern metrology based on scientific measurements, and international standards.

Started in 1972, Aldinger has a long history of precision calibration and repair. Initially the focus was in high precision weighing devices. Since then, we have added extensively to our scope of services. In 1999 we became one of the first calibration labs in the USA to become accredited by A2LA to 17025 (then ISO Guide 25).

We again set the mark in the early 2000s when were the first to automate and digitize the calibration and certification process.

Aldinger continues to advance the process of accurate and reliable calibration and repair services. In this blog we hope to use our decades of experience to help provide insight into the metrology industry, and its current trends.

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