Aldinger Can Now Calibrate Anemometers

Our Anemometer Calibration Lab is equipped with a bench-top wind tunnel, which is designed to achieve maximum accuracy during the calibration process. Our capabilities include sourcing a uniform flow rate with wind speeds from 2.5 meters / second (492 ft/min) up to 15 meters / second (2953 ft/min). This flow rate accuracy is as great as ±1%. Anemometers are further inspected for physical defects such as burs, cracks or chips in the vane blade or sensing element. Upon completion of testing, all data is then recorded and compared to manufacturer specifications or client requested specifications.

Anemometers are commonly used by meteorologists at weather stations, people in HVAC industry for measuring airflow in systems, and scientists monitoring environmental safety conditions. They are also a very useful tool employed by engineers in car design, helping them produce more aerodynamic vehicles. Our goal at Aldinger has always been to increase capabilities to meet our clients’ needs, and we will continue to do so as we evolve into this new discipline.

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