Aldinger Can Now Calibrate Anemometers

Our Anemometer Calibration Lab is equipped with a bench-top wind tunnel, which is designed to achieve maximum accuracy during the calibration process. Our capabilities include sourcing a uniform flow rate with wind speeds from 2.5 meters / second (492 ft/min) up to 15 meters / second (2953 ft/min). This flow rate accuracy is as greatContinue reading “Aldinger Can Now Calibrate Anemometers”

Mitutoyo Custom Solutions

Mitutoyo America Corporation is offering expanded custom solutions for many of their product lines. This will provide customized end-to-end solutions for all our customer’s needs. Combining this with Aldinger’s A2LA accredited laboratory, we can provide custom engineered measuring solutions with certified calibrations for the most precise of applications. Mitutoyo has assembled a group of theirContinue reading “Mitutoyo Custom Solutions”

It’s that time of year again.

We just completed our A2LA 17025 audit successfully and have been granted a certificate extension until 9/30/2020. Normally this happens in June but Covid-19 has thrown a wrench into everything. We have some more paperwork to file with A2LA and then we are good for another year. You can always find the most current copyContinue reading “It’s that time of year again.”