Mitutoyo Virtual Trade Show

The Mitutoyo Live Virtual Trade Show has been designed to be more than just a video call. We created this event to be a ground-breaking, interactive 3D experience where you can explore our latest products and services up close and personal at your own pace, on your own time. This four-day event is jam packedContinue reading “Mitutoyo Virtual Trade Show”

Now Calibrating: Accelerometers

Accelerometer Basics An accelerometer is a tool that measures proper acceleration using an inertial transducer to sense mechanical motion and convert it into a measurable electrical quantity. Calibrating an accelerometer is a way to provide a physical reference to a common standard and is the first step in getting quality measurements. Calibration Basics For calibrationContinue reading “Now Calibrating: Accelerometers”

Welcome to the Aldinger Blog!

Metrology is the scientific study of measurement, but it is no modern invention. The first record of a permanent standard was the royal Egyptian cubit in 2900 BC. Throughout history many localized units of measure were developed, from ancient Greece and Rome, to Dark Age kingdoms. Many of these early units had little compatibility withContinue reading “Welcome to the Aldinger Blog!”